Laura Doyle | University of Ulster

"From Lizzie I learnt basic pattern cutting as well as how to hand sew and to use a domestic machine. With her hands on approach and expert knowledge I became confident in my dressmaking abilities. She taught me the importance of attention to detail which really helped me to perfect my sewing skills. - and I had a great laugh with her too ;)"

Andrea Kirk | BMC Student Intern

"I learnt so much from Lizzie that it gave me the confidence to start my own dressmaking business and I now design and make items for private clients as well as working for some of NIs most prestigious bridal shops as their dressmaker of choice."

Inge Van der Velden | International Student

"When I came to Belfast as a student my time with Lizzie were 5 of the best months in my life. Every morning when I woke up I was happy to go to the studio, because everyday there were new things to learn. She taught me how to create patterns to make the most gorgeous dresses. Which fabrics could be used for a dress and how to handle them with care, like lace, silk or taffeta and even how to make a dress out of curtains! Lizzie herself is a hard-working woman who is willing to share her knowledge with you when she sees you are eager to learn. She will show you how to do things, and if you don't get it the first time, she'll show you again. She taught me more in those 5 months than all the teachers in the 2 years of college. "